Announcement and Invitation

Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the German Network on Health Services Research (Deutsches Netzwerk Versorgungsforschung e.V. (DNVF), I would cordially like to invite you to the 21st German Conference on Health Services Research. The congress will take place from 05 October to 07 October 2022 in Potsdam. Under the motto ”Health Services Research – Utility for Clinical Practice, Potentials and Perspectives“ we intend to discuss its benefit for clinical reality in terms of patients’ needs. We further aim to explore which potentials from the Innovation Fond are comprehensively implementable and where this transfer has already been successful.

The first track “Health Services studies in Germany today” shows how selected medical disciplines such as General Medicine, Oncology, Neurology, Palliative Care and Psychiatry manage to generate knowledge from health care register data for their services. The aim is to develop an understanding for presently available possibilities, to from learn from each other on an international basis and evaluate perspectives needed to improve or secure patients’ quality of life.

Along the lines of the translation cascade, the second track “Improvement of Health Services” investigates potential (methodological) error sources responsible for success or failure of finalised studies. This covers creation of studies, development of study designs, study implementation, adequate publication procedures as well as optimal analyses and adaptation of results into clinical practice.

The third track “Health Services 4.0” presents and compares innovative study designs in terms of utilisation of register data versus health services studies. Finalised study results are to serve for tangible conclusions for new studies as well as for the identification of innovative pitches to improve clinical health care effectively on a long-term basis. The evaluation of integrated health services programmes will also be part of this track.

The fourth track “Mixed Bag” covers free and up-to-date topics such as Long-Covid, qualitative methods, Health competences or digital health.

Everyone interested in health care issues is warmly welcome, and we especially aim to interest young scientist in the evaluation and optimisation of our health services reality.

As President of the 21st German Conference on Health Services Research, I am happy to invite you to join us in Potsdam. We hope to have overcome the present virtual reality by then to be able to meet in person.


Prof. Dr. med. Peter Falkai

Congress President