Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the German Network for Health Services Research (DNVF) I would like to cordially invite you to the 23rd German Congress for Health Services Research (DKVF). The congress will take place in Potsdam from 25 to 27 September 2024 under the theme "Implementation Knowledge Drives Innovative Health Care".

The DKVF 2023 has impressively demonstrated that the results of health services research provide a reliable basis for health policy decisions and have the potential to help improve care. However, health services research aims not only to provide evidence-based knowledge, but also to translate it into practice in a way that has an impact on our society. Implementation science is a close ally in this endeavour. It provides health services research with comprehensive knowledge about methods and concepts, which additionally supports the transfer of findings from research to everyday health care practice and back. The upcoming German Congress will intensify the exchange between the two disciplines and identify common ground. We want to discuss the question together: How can we combine the expertise of health services research and implementation science more effectively than in the past, so that beneficial changes in everyday health care and in the health care system as a whole can be realised more efficiently?


The following tracks are planned:

The first track will focus on the topic of "creating knowledge": The aim of this track is the presentation of advanced or newly developed concepts, theories and methods in health services research and implementation science. In particular, this track will focus on the research process undertaken or planned and the critical reflection on it.

The second track, "Presenting and interpreting knowledge", is dedicated to findings from health services research with varying levels of evidence that show the basis on which health policy decisions can currently be made and the implications that can be drawn from the results for the organisation of health care. Secondly, evidence from implementation science can be presented, for example on the effectiveness of implementation strategies.

The third track addresses the topic of "Disseminating and Communicating knowledge". This track focuses on the communication and dissemination of research results. In addition to findings on the effectiveness of dissemination methods, this track can also be used to share experiences from research projects or other initiatives using specific dissemination approaches. Training for capacity building at different levels of education in health services research and implementation science, or initiatives aimed at 'learning from each other' can also be presented here.

Finally, the fourth track is entitled "Translating knowledge into practice". This track is explicitly designed to provide a space for exchange, sharing and dialogue. The focus will be on day-to-day reports from implementation initiatives as well as on the implementation of new health care models in the context of evaluation studies or, for example, on issues related to sustaining initial implementation efforts, spread and scale-up.


I am looking forward to your contributions. Its many facets make the German Congress for Health Services Research unique, enabling learning processes and providing new impetus for the organisation of health care and the further development of health services research.


Your Juliane Koeberlein-Neu

Congress President