From October 6, 2021, you will be able to participate in the respective program items - actively and inactively - and get in touch with other participants and speakers via the congress event platform.


  • The event platform will be activated for all registered participants of the congress from October 4, 2021.
  • As soon as the platform is activated, all participants will receive their personal access data and the access link to the event platform by e-mail.

    Please note that all content will only be available from October 6, 2021.


The event platform requires minimal technical requirements, as no special software needs to be downloaded or installed for use. The platform runs entirely in the browser. To ensure smooth participation, the following points should be observed:


  • A stable Internet connection, preferably wired (LAN), wireless (WLAN) or mobile (LTE) with good reception.
  • Simultaneously running update or download, file sharing or streaming processes - also from other users of the Internet connection - can impair the transmission.
  • The free bandwidth per user should be at least 4MBit/s download and 2MBit/s upload: You can test the actual bandwidth at
  • Temporarily disable adblockers in the browser if necessary.
  • An up-to-date browser is required. We recommend using Google Chrome (alternatively, if Chrome is not an option: Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari). Please perform a browser update before starting the session, if necessary.

    Download: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari
    Update: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari

    The Internet Explorer browser is now outdated and therefore not suitable for participation in the digital congress.


  • A sound output option is mandatory (speakers integrated in the PC/laptop or headphones). Please make sure that the loudspeaker is activated in the video player as well as on your PC/laptop.
  • A microphone on the device or as part of a headset is recommended.
  • A webcam is recommended.