FAQ - Questions about the 20th DKVF DIGITAL 2021


How can I register for the 20th DKVF DIGITAL?

You can register via the registration at the conditions published there.

Until when is registration possible?

You can register for the congress and purchase the online ticket up to and including October 8, 2021. You can register as usual via the registration.

Do I have to register for the entire congress if I only want to see individual presentations?

Yes, we do not offer individual sessions independently of the digital congress.

Can I register several participants at the same time?

Yes, you can register yourself and/or other people in the registration system. If you want to register for other people, please enter their personal e-mail address. It is not possible to register more than one person with the same e-mail address.

Why does each participant need his or her own e-mail address?

Access to the 20th DKVF DIGITAL is personalized. Each participant identifies him/herself with his/her own e-mail address and a personal password. Therefore, multiple use of an e-mail address with different passwords is not possible.

I have registered for the congress. What content is available to me?

You can attend all the sessions listed in the program. In addition, the sessions will be recorded and available to you on demand beyond the congress, until December 3, 2021.


I am not available at the time of the congress. Can I still view the congress content?

Provided you have registered for the congress but cannot watch it live, all sessions listed in the program will be available to you on demand beyond the congress, until December 3, 2021.

Can I cancel my registration?

The booking is binding. Rebookings and/or cancellations must be made in writing. In case of cancellation of a service at the Kongress- und Kulturmanagement GmbH up to and including 06.09.2021, a handling fee of 35,00 € will be charged. From 07.09.2021 or in case of non-participation, the fee is 100%. However, it is possible to name a substitute participant. The costs for this and other rebookings are 35,00 €.


Will I receive a certificate of participation?

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Can I also collect continuing education points at the digital congress?

Certification for the 20th DKVF DIGITAL 2021 will be applied for at the Medical Association of Thuringia ("Landesärztekammer Thüringen").

When will I receive the certificate of attendance or participation?

Please always register on the event platform with the access data, which you will receive by e-mail on October 4, 2021. This is the only way to record your attendance and issue a certificate of attendance afterwards.

The certificates - with or without designation of the training points - will be available for download approximately two weeks after the congress. As soon as the download is possible, you will be notified by e-mail.

How are the continuing education points credited to my points account?

As with a face-to-face event, the continuing education points are reported to the Medical Association electronically via KUKM after the congress. The prerequisite is that you log in to the event platform with your personal access data and that the EFN is stored in the registration system.


Where can I find the program for the 20th DKVF DIGITAL 2021?

The program is currently being prepared. You will be able to access the detailed program on the congress website from the end of June.

Will the content be recorded and made available afterwards?

The sessions will be recorded and available to you on demand beyond the congress, until December 3, 2021. To access the on demand sessions, log in to the event platform with your credentials.


How can I participate in the 20th DKVF DIGITAL 2021?

In general, anyone who wants to access the event platform and participate in the 20th DKVF DIGITAL 2021 must first make a booking for the congress ("online ticket").

The event platform will be activated for all registered participants of the congress from October 4, 2021. As soon as the platform is activated, all participants will receive their personal access data and the access link to the event platform by e-mail.

If you are not registered yet, please register via the registration.

What do I need to participate in the digital congress?

The prerequisite for participation in the digital congress is the paid and successfully completed registration in advance. You can register via the registration at the conditions published there.

The event platform requires only minor technical requirements, as no special software needs to be downloaded or installed for use. The event platform runs entirely in the browser. For more information on the event platform, click here.