The DKVF2020 goes virtual and the program will be restructured. You can expect two interesting plenary sessions and many diverse sessions, which will present current and exciting projects of the submitted contributions.

Oral presentations and poster presentations can be held either in English or German. At the beginning of each session, the chairs will indicate the language in which each presentation is held.

Click here for the online-program of the 19. DKVF DIGITAL (Please click on the picture):

Plenary Sessions

1. Plenary session: international session with the focus on COVID-19 and HSPA

10:45 AM: Welcome address and opening:

  • Secretary of State of Health, Mr. Martin Matz
  • Prof. Dr. Monika Klinkhammer-Schalke
  • Prof. Dr. Reinhard Busse

11:15 AM: International lectures about the topic: What can we learn from COVID-19 regarding the performance of our health systems and the health system performance assessment?


  • Dr. Natasha Azzopardi Muscat (WHO)
  • Francesca Colombo (OECD)

12:20 PM: Verleihung Winfried- Lorenz - Versorgungsforschungspreis: The Winfried- Lorenz - Versorgungsforschungspreis is awarded to outstanding research tasks in health care research and has established itself as an important award since 2014. The prize commemorates Prof. Winfried Lorenz (+ 24.10.2014) a pioneer in health care research and honorary member of the DNVF.

2. Plenary session: national session

Panel discussion of the topic: How did the health service research changed because of the COVID-19-pandemic?

  • Short presentation of 4-5 new scientific projects regarding COVID-19
    • Discussion on the basis of the following questions:
      • How were these projects developed?
      • How was the data obtained? (data situation, challenges with access)
      • How did the communication to the public occur? (risk)- communication with the press, governmental institutions, the civil society
      • Lessons learned for health service research


    • Prof. Dr. med. Steffi G. Riedel-Heller, MPH
    • Prof. Dr. med. Jochen Schmitt, MPH
    • Dr. rer. medic. Nadine Scholten
    • Susann Schmidt
    • Dipl.-Math. Christian Günster
    • Prof. Dr. med. Reinhard Busse


    The congress will deal with the following topics:

    Compare health care internationally

    • Objectives of health care systems and health care provision: Accessibility, quality, efficiency etc.
    • Health System Performance Assessment: Data, methods and results
    • Health services research of regional disparities
    • Building blocks of care: outpatient, inpatient, cross-sectoral in an international comparison
    • Care management (e.g. via payment) in international comparison
    • Evaluation of care provided by patients and citizens
    • Improve health care

    From performance assessment to a health care reform target

    • From reform objective to implementation
    • Access, quality and efficiency-oriented reforms: expectations and reality
    • Centres for Health Economics Research and the German Innovation Fund: Contributions to access, quality, efficiency?
    • Digitalisation: Improvement of health care service provision?

    Further topics

    • Methods and theories of health services research
    • Patient Centeredness / Patient-Reported Outcomes
    • Quality and patient safety
    • Health services research in training and further education
    • Scientific communication and visualisation of research results
    • Data for health services research: what are the benefits of the General Data Protection Regulation and/or the German Digital Healthcare Act?
    • Free Topics

    Programme formats

    • Plenary
    • Lecture session/symposium
    • E-poster-exhibition
    • Panel discussion
    • Master's Corner
    • Meetings of study and scientific specialist groups

    Target audience

    Operators, decision-makers, employees, students, doctoral candidates and trainees from

    • Universities and non-university research institutions,
    • Patient and self-help organizations,
    • Hospitals, practices, care services, rehabilitation facilities, etc.,
    • Institutions in the field of quality assurance, evaluation, development of evidence and guidelines, health care policy and profitability in the health system,
    • Self-governing healthcare organizations,
    • Service providers in healthcare & management,
    • Companies in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology